It works! It’s alive!

| Jan Kowalewicz |

I have 44 000 followers and earn cash on drawing.

I have started an erotic-drawings only account on the Instagram on the 12th of October 2016. It was a bit more then 7 months ago. It has become my main drawing social media since very first days.
follow me on Instagram

Today I have almost 44 thousand followers. Nothing smells (or sells) like sex.

2 months ago, precisely on 19th of March, I’ve rebuild completely my website for supporters.

Here you can see it.

It is developing slowly, for now I have 6 patrons supporting me monthly with their money.

I have also recently, around 3 weeks ago, started making live streaming on Instagram and it’s has been my endless (so far) motivation source. The amount of inspiration I am given by followers contacting with me live is tremendous! I have never thought that I will like that so much! Because I have now very international audience the posts will be mostly in English now.


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