First erotic drawing from live model

| Jan Kowalewicz |

She was a professional lingerie model from Paris

I really love studying human body. That’s no surprise I like to study beautiful woman more then other types of body. But it’s not a one type of body. I find many different woman beautiful.

This study was drawn in 2015 during summer. We had a lot of fun drawing that. I haven’t finished the portrait, unfortunately. We couldn’t meet any more due to some life events.


Recently I have been drawing from live models again. I will write more in other post. If you ever consider being drawn live there are two options for that: 1 you come to Warsaw and we meet at my studio for 1-2 days, or 2. I will visit your city and you’ll provide me with a place to stay for several days so I can draw you in return.

Almost all my works are for sale. Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested.

The biggest collection to choose from in on my Instagram
You can always support me with some spare change on my Patreon


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