Live streaming

| Jan Kowalewicz |

I’ve started live streaming on my Instagram several weeks ago. It has almost immediately become my best motivation for drawing.

 I started this year by drawing nearly everyday. Even if I missed a day or two I drew more drawings the following days. For now I have drawn 173 pieces, when it’s just 23rd of May, which is 144th day of 2017. I have nearly 30 drawings more then days of the year have passed! That’s what I am very happy with. I can see a lot of improvement in my skill as well.

There was a day around a month ago when I wasn’t too tired after finishing my work, but I had no motivation for drawing. I thought about getting a try with “go live” button on Instagram. As I had almost thirty thousand followers at that time (today in the evening there is going to be 50k!), the watchers gathered quickly and I had a wonderful time talking with my followers, answering a lot of questions, which I like to do. I had a great time, but what is more I got an immediate strike of motivation! I just sat down and drawn a drawing and then another two!  That was refreshing! Since then I have almost only drawn during live streaming.

Almost all my works are for sale. Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested.

The biggest collection to choose from is on my Instagram
You can always support me with some spare change on my Patreon


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