Last Saturday Model

| Jan Kowalewicz |

She has shown me not only her legs…

Last Saturday, on the 20th of May, there was a beautiful girl at my flat.

She was there for posing and I was streaming that process live on my Instagram. The model has extraordinary long legs and that is what I drawn… mostly.

I need to study live models more because there is no better study of anatomy. Of course it’s good to draw a lot from photos and to read and study books concerning the subject, but the best is to learn body in live posing. So I kept asking some friends from time to time, and some people I met if they want to pose. That’s how the girl decided to pose. We spent several hours together talking and then drawing/posing. It was great, not only she is very sexy and beautiful girl, but mostly because we both enjoy it greatly! It is such a fun! She was even looking on a live stream I was doing  while I was drawing her!
I’ve done two drawings of her. I hope to draw her much more. I am sure you will see her again.

Almost all my works are for sale. Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested.

The biggest collection to choose from in on my Instagram
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