Make me draw you by this 7 steps

| Jan Kowalewicz |

Presented photos are examples found on the web, not given to me by anyone.

I do accept doing custom drawings

    1. I accept PayPal donations and my address is 
    2. I never share the photos anywhere or send them to anyone. I know what privacy is and I am an honourable man.
    3. I don’t draw everything, but there are not many subjects I don’t. Yes I draw dicks, but you need to pay me first and THEN send me a dick photo. Otherwise you will be blocked. Send my photos to my mail because drawing details from a miniature on my mobile won’t be what you like.
    4. Send me several of my drawings the style you like if you wish to be done like them
    5. I need to be given several photos at least to choose from. Not every photo is good enough for drawing.
    6. The photo must be sharp.
    7. The body must be lighted from side not by a flash (not from the front)


  1. Please find below examples of drawing based on photos.

    Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested. If you are my supporter on my Patreon you get discounts for all my works and custom drawings.

    I have started a YouTube channel.
    The biggest collection to choose from in on my Instagram
    You can always support me with some spare change on my Patreon

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