My Bio

| Jan Kowalewicz |

As I get many questions about my life I decided to give you a little insight

I am a male, heterosexual. I am saying that because due to my drawings I’ve got a lot of questions about it and many propositions from both sexes.

I am Polish and I’ve spent all my life in Warsaw, but I was born in Kerala, Ottapalam in India on 2nd of February 1983. That makes me an old almost 35 guy. I am formally single, no kids (or at least I don’t know about any).

I was always interested in may things therefore I tried almost all ways of art: I was playing violin for 13 years, solo and orchestra, I was playing part in a TV series, advertisement, I was in a gospel choir, I love dancing and Ido it still. I’ve learnt how to make traditional black and white photography, how to develop films in dark room and I was pretty into it before going on my second studies. I’ve got 2 master’s degrees one in Biology (2008) and another on my actual field of work – architecture and towns planning (2015).

 I had to study drawing to get to architecture studies. I’ve finished a marvellous school in Domin Studio 2009 after 3 years of learning perspective drawing. Therefore, despite the fact I was drawing all my life, I rather count 2007 as a starting year on this field.

I work as an architect, mostly as an interior designer. I will write about it more on another post.

I have always liked drawing human body because it fascinates me. I want to create a comic story that will be for adults not only because of explicit sex scenes but also for the good, intelligent story and interesting characters. That’s why I draw a lot of porn because there is a lot of bodies involved and I consider most of my works as steps on the way to mastery.

Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested in obtaining any digital or paper drawings.

You can always see me at: Facebook, YouTube , Instagram
if you want early access to my works, get weekly bundles of high quality digital copies, get discounts on my works or join the secret group on FB go to Patreon and choose a suitable level of monthly support.


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