A letter of future past

| Jan Kowalewicz |

I get a letter from the future every birthday

I have my birthday soon, as I was born on the 2nd of February. On the day I use to play a little game with myself. I write a letter of the last year accomplishments but as it were my next, future birthday.

In the letter there is a list of things I have done/ will do in forthcoming year. It is a bit wishful thinking but rationally based on my recent goals and achievements as well.

When I made that letter last year in 2017 i had already the erotic drawings account on Instagram. It was almost 4 months old but had less then 10k followers and hadn’t brought me much joy yet.

I didn’t know that building and participating in the society around my erotic drawings will be my main field of in close future, that I will travel to other countries to meet wonderful people that are fascinated by my works and who I am. In the letter I didn’t put a single word about all of it. From the point of view I am now at it seems funny if not ridiculous.

As my new birthday comes near I have many thoughts and plans for my next year. I really hope they won’t be as missed as the last one but I hope the year to be full of wonderful surprises as well!

Please be welcome to contact me if you are interested in obtaining any digital or paper drawings.

You can always see me at: Facebook, YouTube , Instagram
if you want early access to my works, get weekly bundles of high quality digital copies, get discounts on my works or join the secret group on FB go to Patreon and choose a suitable level of monthly support.



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