How to be succesful on instagram

| Jan Kowalewicz |

in 9 short points

1. Post a lot

At least 4-5 times a day and regularly. When you start the account there is almost no limit of daily posts you can do.

2. Specialist profile

Whatever your profile subject is, make it very precise and specific. Don’t mix subjects and don’t post too much personal posts. Make it homogeneous.

3. Quality content

Your posts have to be the best quality. Don’t use fancy filters and many different styles. Only good quality stuff can look professional and bring real attention to a wider public.

4. #hashtags

Use hashtags! That’s how people will get your content just because they like something similar. You can use 25 hashtags at each photo so do it!

5. Correct tags

When choosing hashtags for the post use only those that refer somehow to the post and account. Do not use irrelevant tags.

6. Banned hashtags

Don’t use hashtags that are banned and your account will be reported shortly which might give you a shadowban or a permanent  ban. Check out the list.

7. Livestreams

Do livestreams where you contact your fans. If your profile shows any of your creations you have to do livestreams where you share how you do it. Do it often – several times a week would be perfect.

8. Be friendly and sociable

Read and like all the comments given by your fans, answer all the questions and messages, get use to answering the same questions all over again.

9. Captions

Write captions to the posts that will show how you think and feel about the content you post. People seek original and authentic things, they attach to things they like so be an individual because that’s what sells in the web.


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