Naughty Book

| Jan Kowalewicz |

75 drawings with naughty captions. All done by me.

Get it HERE

It has happened. I have started an indiegogo fund rise to publish my very first book

It contains 75 of my carefully selected drawings each with a juicy caption to let you dive into my way of seeing sensuality, tease, sexual games and making love. Some of the drawing are delicate and sensual, some of them are rough and explicit. i am sure that whatever your tastes are you will find something for yourself. I hope more then just a piece.


The book is designed as a little plaything, an album for you to cherish as an intimate and personal treasure. Its small enough to fit under you pillow or hold in just one hand for naughty reading time, but big enough to see all the spicy details of the drawings and to read comfortably.

I have put a lot of effort and time to make book come true. It was always my dream to create such thing.

Now I leave it in your hands to make the dream come true.

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