I am going to draw an erotic comic book

| Jan Kowalewicz |

It just depends on you when I start.

I’ve just rebuild my Patreon profile. I’ve done it because of two reasons.

Firstly, I like to change things when I feel they don’t work. As my Naughty Book hasn’t reach the goal on recent fund rise  I’ve decided to change something in the way I collaborate with my supporters.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that my Patreon just didn’t offer enough for you. The perks for support wasn’t clear and they were not interesting enough.

Now it’s done to be oriented on you, as I have designed each of them to give you something special and useful

The goal of the supporting is not to just help me. It is now oriented to give you the best thing that is in drawn erotica – a comic book. 



It will be designed from a scratch with a script writer, because I want it to be a good adult comic story with interesting plot and characters in addition to hardcore sex story. I want it to be romantic and explicit, serious and funny. All in one. That’s why it has to be carefully designed and discussed from the beginning. I will involve you in the designing process. I will create polls and ask you questions concerning some aspects of the plot, the characters involved and design decisions. 

After it’s created I will publish it hardcover or paperback to deliver it to your needy hands.


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